CREATED BY gary grant directed by brandon mikolaski

written by rob bartlett and andrew smith

STARRING megan simard aS DR. MANTIS and ROB bartlett as fred

pen and ink illustrations by molly jacobs

Produced By Ruthless Spectator

animations by academy award-winning the string theory ny


ABOUT the film

Be a fly on the wall in the office of the World’s Foremost Insect Analyst, Dr P. Mantis, as she helps her patient, Fred, a caterpillar, deal with his identity issues. He doesn’t want to be a butterfly, he’s got a much different idea of what his true destiny should be.  

Dr.Mantis, Insect Analyst.
She knows what’s bugging you.


Mantis News

Dr. Mantis: Insect Analyst is currently competing in national and international film festivals. We look forward to sharing some exciting news soon.